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Is the name that came about because of the fight black filmmakers go into to make their movies, if they can have an audience. It is without doubt and a great, life changing experience for every black child from the rural, slum, and township communities to see the idea manifests into a film project.

Main goal for Khamoja Heritage Foundation is to see these developmental projects create sustainable film jobs, wider and inclusive film audiences, while forging an inclusive and transparent film infrastructure.

To achieve such a grand endeavor, it takes collaborative effort from family, to the community, and it with this reason

that Zambezi film festival is seeking volunteers to participate in the festival to create a memorable new era for African cinema.


Volunteers are required to work 32+ hours over the course of 4-Zambezi-film-festival-days.

Individual/Partner Pass

In return you will receive a volunteer pass, allowing you and your partner to;

1/ some, special events, and 

2/ Zambezi film festival schwag.

You will enjoy to rub shoulders with the film community.