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Hekau Arts & Science National Campaign

Hekau Arts & Science National Campaign Program (HASNC)


Explore all of our upcoming offerings, from half day to three (3) three day courses.


Khamoja Heritage Foundation offers you the opportunity to get first hand skills in the art of film making, so that you can discover and explore your potential and career opportunities.


The offered course will enable you to explore your academic potential, personality and interests to facilitate in your journey into promising future vocations. During this process you will participate in an intake of film art and science and film creation, and experience what it means to be a screenwriter, producer or film director.

Learn or become a student


KHF offers a variety of courses and guidance services to assist rural, slum, and township black youth. The purpose

of the courses is to provide young people with an opportunity to become filmmakers and penetrate

the South African film industry. KHF also provides career guidance and counselling as well as a digital marketing

crash course to ensure that students understand all aspects of film making.                               


Completion of the course will enable you to make wise and informed decisions about your chosen focus area

and provide you with experience to penetrate the industry, enabling you to pursue the widest range of realistic industry options when you need to make a final decision regarding your future.


Choosing the course and career decision-making                                                             

Choosing a course of study that fits your career interests and aptitudes is one of the most important

career-related decisions that any person will do in their career journey. At KHF we will assist you in the

exploration of realistic classes and course options that will enable you to plan your long-term career progression.


Khamoja Heritage Foundation offers the following:

  • Screenplay writing

  • Directing

  • Production

  • Distribution